“Potential Russian-Ukrainian conflict and possible geopolitical consequences"


Institute for National and International Security – INIS

In cooperation with St. George Association

International scientific web conference


“Potential Russian-Ukrainian conflict and possible geopolitical consequences"

         To participate, please send email at: office@intelligence-security.rs                                                                             

January 26, 2022, starting at 3 p.m. CET. (Wien, Bratislava, Budapest, Rome, Paris)                                                                                                                      

Introduction:               Dr. Darko TRIFUNOVIC, Director of INIS

Keynote speaker:        Dr. Shlomo SHPIRO, Bar Illan University, Israel

  • New Solutions to Old Conflicts? The Re-emergence of Regional and Bipolar Threats and Rivalries


Dr. Vasyl ZAPLATYNSKYI, Senior Research Fellow, INIS, Ukraine

  • Russian-Ukrainian conflict - a view from Ukraine


Dr. Ian ANTHONY, Programme Director, European Security, SIPRI, Sweden.

  • Russian military modernization and the European security order: The wider impact of Black Sea conflicts


Dr. Shaul SHAY, Senior Research Fellow, INIS, Israel

  • The crisis between Russia and Ukraine and the implications on the Middle


Dr. Gordan AKRAP, President, Hybrid Warfare Research Institute, Croatia

  • War in Ukraine – Development in 2025


Dr. Swaran SINGH, President of Association of Asian Scholars and INIS, India

  • Lingering Legacies of Cold War years


Dr. Jonathan LEVY, Senior Research Fellow, INIS, U.S

  • Russia v. Ukraine: A Just Legal Claim or Unlawful Aggression


Dr. Rastislav KAZANSKY, Matej Bel University, Slovakia and INIS, Slovakia

  • Geopolitical consequences of possible Russian –Ukrainian conflict


Dr. Lasha TCHANTOURIDZÉ, Director of the Graduate Programs in Diplomacy and IR, Norwich University – The Military College of Vermont, and INIS, U.S

  • Explaining National Interests: The Russo-Western Dispute over Ukraine