• Tornike Okropilashvili Georgian Technical University
Keywords: Security and safety, Deterrence, Sovereignty, Democratic Peace, Domino Effect of Instability, Weaponized, New Cold War, Zero-sum game, Concession policy


Research Paper


One of the main challenges in modern international relations is the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which is developing in two main directions: the energy crisis and the migrant crisis. The world has entered the phase of a "New Cold War". Russia is becoming more and more provocative and threatening world security by destabilizing the region.

In the eighteenth century, the German philosopher Immanuel Kant formulated the theory of "Perpetual Peace", where the behavior of the main state is determined by the regime. According to Kant, if the state is governed democratically then starting a war and other negative actions will be much more difficult than under other governments. In modern International Relations “theory of Democratic peace” is an important achievement for the establishment and maintenance of peace between the states. The stages of its formation and ideological controversies, as already mentioned, lead to a regime where Democrats do not fight each other since the regime determines all rules of behavior and the distribution of power between different branches.

Democracies prioritize stability in any policy, but in today's world, we often see states that negatively affect international relations and contribute to the formation of mass instability. Such states often violate the principles of international law, disregard sovereignty, interfere in the domestic politics of other states, and reveal other destructive actions, which are expressed in various ways. Recently the importance of the domino effect of global insecurity has been raised. The creation of mass instability or such behavior has an impact on other states. If any important player creates such a vulnerability, plays a negative role, and breaks the rules of the overall game, he pushes other states to behave similarly. According to Adam Kinzinger "Russia is playing a negative role not only in terms of influence but also in terms of creating mass instability


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